3 Ways You Could Get A Reduction In Flood Insurance Premiums

Paying for flood insurance is a basic part of being a homeowner. Even though not everyone has flood insurance, it's smart to have it so that you can be protected against the unexpected. If you feel as if you're paying too much for flood insurance, you should not consider cancelling your policy. Instead, try one or all of these things to try to reduce your premiums. 1. Have Your Property's Flood Zone Designation Changed [Read More]

3 Medicare Myths, Debunked

Social Security may help you throughout retirement, but some sort of insurance and coverage will be necessary to help with the cost of medical care, especially when you are older. Fortunately, Medicare is a program offered by the government that helps seniors with the cost of medical care. While common, this program is not understood by many people. By learning the truth about a few common myths, you will have a better understanding of the Medicare program. [Read More]

Understanding What Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

If you own your own home, you have to have insurance on it if it is still financed or has a mortgage on it. The bank will not give you a mortgage on the home if you do not agree to keep it covered for the term of the loan. The insurance is the only way the bank can be sure to get their money back if something happens to the house. [Read More]

Four Things You Should Know About Your Dog And Auto Insurance

If you had your dog in your car during a collision, and the dog got injured, would your auto insurance coverage pay for the dog's medical bills? Answering this question isn't easy because it all depends on the coverage you have, who caused the accident, and the policy of your auto insurance company. Here are some things you should know about dogs and auto insurance coverage: Pets Are Treated As Property [Read More]