3 Reasons To Have Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage

When you purchase auto insurance, you probably want to make sure you are fully protected. If so, you should make sure you purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on your policy. These types of protection are designed to cover expenses you could encounter if a driver without insurance, or without enough insurance, causes an accident that leaves you with injuries or damages. Here are three reasons you should make sure you purchase these coverages with your policy. [Read More]

3 Windshield Care Tips To Help You Avoid Accidents This Winter

The winter season is approaching, and you are doing all you can to get your car ready for the cold weather season, right down to adding collision and comprehensive to your auto insurance policy just in case you have an accident. However, before you check these tasks off of your to-do list, make sure you have taken a moment to consider what you need to do to your car windshield to also get it prepared for the coldest time of the year. [Read More]

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Buying auto insurance coverage is one thing, ensuring that the coverage serves you as well as it should is a different thing altogether. Here are a few measures to help you get the best out of your auto insurance coverage: Don't Set Your Deductibles Too High The deductible is the out-of -funds you have to cough up for your car's repair before your insurance carrier tops up the rest. Choosing a high deductible allows you to enjoy relatively low rates, so it may be tempting to set it as high as possible. [Read More]

3 Ways You Could Get A Reduction In Flood Insurance Premiums

Paying for flood insurance is a basic part of being a homeowner. Even though not everyone has flood insurance, it's smart to have it so that you can be protected against the unexpected. If you feel as if you're paying too much for flood insurance, you should not consider cancelling your policy. Instead, try one or all of these things to try to reduce your premiums. 1. Have Your Property's Flood Zone Designation Changed [Read More]