Choosing A Great Insurance Policy

Four Important Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance can protect you against a range of costs and liabilities that may arise after you have been involved in an accident. However, it is a common problem for individuals to fail to fully understand this protection, and this can lead to a range of problems and complications in the event an accident occurs. To make sure that you are maximizing the protection of your auto insurance, you may want to verify that your policy includes a handful of important protections.

Glass Damage Coverage

The windows of your vehicle can be among the most fragile components of the car. Unfortunately, they will always be at risk of becoming damaged through either flying debris, accidents or criminal actions. Repairing damaged auto glass can be extremely expensive, and without auto glass coverage, your insurance policy may not provide compensation for these essential repairs.

Collision Protection

When you are involved in an accident, your vehicle will both cause damage and be damaged. However, your standard liability insurance policy will only cover the damages that are caused by your vehicle. You will be fully responsible for paying for the repairs to your car. Luckily, adding collision coverage to your insurance policy will protect you from these expenses as these policies will cover the damages your vehicle suffers from collisions. Interestingly, these collisions are not limited to other vehicles. For example, if you damage your car while backing out of your garage, it may be covered under this protection.

Roadside Assistance

Breaking down far from home can be a stressful experience because you may not be sure of where to go or who to call for assistance. When you have roadside assistance coverage, you will be able to contact the insurance company in these situations, and they will dispatch a tow truck to take your car to a repair center. In addition to towing, these services may also be able to provide solutions for routine motor vehicle issues, such as running out of fuel or getting a flat tire.

Bodily Injury Coverage

While a standard auto liability policy will have some coverage for medical expenses, it is important to understand that the costs of medical care can often surpass these limits early in the treatment process. Once your policy limit is exceeded, you may be personally responsible for the remaining costs. By investing in bodily injury coverage, you can greatly increase your protection against being responsible for serious injuries to other drivers, pedestrians or even the passengers in your own car.

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