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When The Storm Rolls In: 3 Tips To Make Your Home Resistant To Hurricanes Before The Season Starts

Soon, hurricane season will be here, but is your home ready? You want to make sure that your home is windproof and that you have the systems in place to protect against damage. There are also some chores that need to be done to get your home ready for the hurricane season. Here are some tips to help get your home ready for the hurricane season:

1. Window Improvements to Protect Glass from Debris

If you live in an area that is subject to hurricane strength weather, one of the areas of your home that needs to be protected the most is the windows. You will want to have protection for your windows from flying debris, which can be things such as storm shutters and roller shades. These shutters will also give you the benefit of better energy efficiency. For areas where shutters cannot be used, consider having window film installed to make glass shatter-resistant.

2. The Landscaping Maintenance to Protect Your Home from Damage

There are landscaping measures that you may also want to consider for more protection against hurricane strength winds. Do you have loose garden furniture in your yard? If there are any loose objects, make sure that they are secured during the storm season. In addition, make sure that trees and landscaping are trimmed to prevent flying debris from causing damage to your home or to the utilities.

3. Maintenance to The Roof and Exterior of Your Home to Prevent Storm Damage

The roof of your home is another area that is subject to damage when hurricane season starts. It is important to heave the roof inspected and have any repairs done to your roof. In addition, you may also want to consider other improvements, such as updating fasteners systems for decks and exterior features, or improving the structure of your home with the addition of hurricane straps. Hurricane straps are metal brackets that hold different structural components together and help give the structure of your home more wind resistance. You can use hurricane straps for any wood framing that is loosely fastened to your home, such as the foundations, walls, floor joists and roof rafters.

These are some tips that will help you get your home ready for the hurricane season. Make sure you are prepared for the worst weather and contact an insurance agent, such as those found at Ronald H. Krupa Insurance Agency, to learn more about insurance.