Choosing A Great Insurance Policy

Pizzeria Business Insurance: Preventing Rising Costs

A pizzeria using your family's recipes can allow you and your whole family to run a business together. Being able to serve great food might be the only thing you're focusing on, but you need to ensure that your family and the pizzeria itself are protected with insurance. Once your policy has started, it's in your best interests to help everyone avoid any claims so that costs don't rise; focus on these issues so that your policy costs remain reasonable:

Train Your Family and Workers

You might have known family members your entire life, but as part of the pizzeria business, they need to respect you as the owner. You have to know without a doubt that everyone working in your kitchen understands food safety laws and how to handle equipment. Training is vital so that you can see with your own two eyes that everyone works at the same level. Some of your family members may bristle at the idea of being trained, but they can be encouraged to do so; once they understand the right way to do something, they may be happier with the results.

Good training is vital for non-family employees too. Not only can you feel at ease that they can handle themselves in your kitchen, but if they stay healthy and don't get hurt, your workers' compensation insurance premiums can stay low.

Schedule Equipment Maintenance

Equipment is used in a pizzeria around the clock. For this reason, once it's cleaned, no one thinks much about it anymore. However, you need to stay on top of equipment issues. What needs to be fixed? What is working more slowly than it used to? When do warranties expire for different appliances?  It might be easiest to actually schedule an inspection and regular maintenance for every appliance in the kitchen. Doing this will prevent injuries with equipment and lost business from broken machines that would cause you to file claims. If your refrigerator malfunctions, for instance, you could end up losing produce and even closing the pizzeria for a few hours. That could be avoided with a periodic professional maintenance check.

Protect the Pizzeria

Remember that safety upgrades can often help when wanting to keep insurance prices under control. An alarm system, fence, and safe on the property can bring down premium costs a bit.

When you're able to protect your pizzeria and family with insurance and prevent rising costs, your mind can stay on creating delicious pizza and pasta dishes. An insurance agent can handle policy details so they should have additional suggestions.

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